Why needing validation is killing Power Rangers fandom

Published on July th, 2012

This is taken from a post I made over on Rangercrew where one thread blossomed into a topic of how BADLY PR fans need to be validated.

“As I’ve brought up many times before on here and on various podcasts, the Power Rangers fandom (And toku fandom in the US in general) wants validation. And badly. It’s the main reason a lot of people want PR to be “DARK AND SERIOUS” so they can show PR to their friends and say, “LOOK! This show I like is meant for OLDER PEOPLE. It’s not DUMB AND KID LIKE.”

When PR fans can’t get validation from their own friends or families? They turn to the people who work on the shows. It feels like a punch to the gut every time I hear a fan ask a PR cast member, “DO YOU WATCH SENTAI?!” That’s how badly PR fans need validation. THEY NEED someone besides themselves or other fans to say, “Yeah, what you like is cool.” Fans desperately want these actors and even the crew to say, “Yeah, I watched Sentai and LOVED it. YOU ARE SO COOL DUDE HIGH FIVE.” Not even that, but having the actors say they loved the show or be willing to talk about it says to a fan, “SEE! What I like isn’t dumb!”

It’s one of the main reasons the HJUish crowd went nuts when Dragon Knight was about to premiere. LOOK, the producers are making this show for us! Look! Nathan Long is talking to us and promising something NOT FOR KIDS. So when the show premiered and it was awful? They ate it up anyway because hey, what the nice man said to us must be true right?

I remember when Hector was first announced as the green ranger and he was all over twitter all ready I said on a podcast, “This guy is going to be popular. Fans will love him.” Fans love that connection because once again, it validates them. Many fans are so afraid their friends or even families will make fun of them because they like PR. So they hide it and look for validation elsewhere.

I’ve always found that interesting because every single person I know is aware I love Power Rangers. Friends, family, co workers, and professors at college. They all know it and still respect and treat me no different then they did before. You know why? Because I mention I like it, and maybe will bring it up once awhile, but I don’t go up to them every week and say, “ZOMG THE NEWEST EPISODE AIRED IT WAS SO GREEEEATTTTTTTT.” I don’t need their validation (And especially not the cast and crew) because I embrace my love for the show.

I’ve tested out of high ranking production classes at college citing Power Rangers as a teaching tool I’ve used in learning how to make film. People may think it’s a bit silly at first, but if you take it seriously (to a point) and embrace how silly it is, so will they.

To wrap this all up, you don’t need ANYONE to tell you it’s okay to watch the show. WATCH IT BECAUSE YOU ENJOY IT. Or don’t watch it because it’s crap and you can’t stand this season. Or watch it because you’re a dirty completist .”


  1. Posted by Tommy brevard on July 8th, 2012, 21:04 [Reply]

    Great article. I don’t need anyone to validate me on what I watch. I watch PR, Sentai, KR and other toku Japanese, US or indie because I love it.

  2. Posted by nejiblue on July 13th, 2012, 04:10 [Reply]

    First off all, you’re a hypocrite. I have no desire to watch PR. Truth is, I’d rather watch tokusatsu, and I have other things to do. Not much free time, so I don’t watch something I have no interest in. But, the act of me watching sentai but not PR, for any reason, makes me a “sentai snob”, “toku purist”, etc. etc. blah blah and any other terms you want to use. I’m not one of these nimrods on various message boards who goes “oh yeah, I just watched a episode of sentai, and now every single PR episode I’ve ever watched sucks ass!!”. But you group me with them anyway because of my viewing habitats. You claim I should watch what I enjoy, but I don’t enjoy power rangers. And to you, that’s a unforgivable sin.

    Second, on validation. I don’t need anyone’s, but I do not tell anyone I watch this stuff, including friends. It’s a genre made for kids in another country(one that is considered one of the most sexist and racist places on earth by most people) peroid. Always has been and and always will be(some exceptions aside.) It would be like telling someone you enjoy barny. I don’t need their validation, but I also don’t feel like getting made fun of. But ultimately, as always, I watch what I want and enjoy what I want. Other people’s opinions don’t mean much to me.

    And a final aside, I don’t believe you on the college bit with power rangers as teaching tool thing. Any college professor teaching movie production classes would laugh you out of the room if you used power rangers, tokusatsu, daikaiju, etc. films/TV shows of any sort as a example of how to make good films.

    • Posted by Chan on August 31st, 2012, 11:08 [Reply]

      I really wanna get this on ebay. They have one for $40 but I feel like it might be a beoltog because to me, that’s pretty cheap considering I bought the Shodophone for $70+ Do you know if they’re legit or beoltog?

  3. Posted by Shaheer on August 31st, 2012, 02:04 [Reply]

    probably just look up RPM morpher, which will pboarbly bring up all 3 ranger sets morphers. Red Blue and yellow all use this one, Green and Black use the wrist one, and GOld and SIlver use the gun morphers.


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