They See Your Every Move

Published on January th, 2013

Oh Power Rangers fandom. You’ve done it again. When the Megaforce cast was announced at PMC. People immediately tried to find every single little thing they had done previously. But of course, people focused in on the two female cast members, Christina Masterson and Ciara Hanna. Why? Because they’re “hot.”

Now before you read on, let’s see if you’re a smart person. If you are a smart person, we’re sure you’ll get the gist of this column by clicking on this sentence and checking out this tumblr.  Those guys’ comments?  That’s probably what you fucking look like.

Feel free to read on if you like.   Just be sure to play this song below first and let it play in the background as you read.  It really ties in with the mood.

So let’s begin, shall we?  Now on the whole, we know this isn’t the entire PR fandom.  But it’s a scary amount and it’s time to address that scary amount.  When someone was able to find some YouTube clips of Christina, some people took the opportunity to discuss their thoughts on her acting and how great it was that we had someone who could actually read a line worth a damn, which is perfectly fine. It seemed more however left comments such as this.

And people complain that they want their girlfriends to stop being bitches to them.

Is it fine to think to yourself that she looks nice?  Of course, we all think that sort of thing when we find someone attractive.  That’s one thing.   It’s another thing when you leave comments all over the internet saying how much you want to play in their hair and that it probably smells like strawberries…

…or how much you want to swipe a credit card down her asscrack.

Courtesy of the tumblr site mentioned earlier.

We understand the excitement when a new ranger cast is announced. We understand people wanting to look up each and every thing they’ve done. But when that interest turns from,

“We’re just trying to find out if they’ll be good for show”


“Two things that go well with each other.. MegaForce Pink… and lotion.”

Do you think actresses LIKE IT when they read comments like that? Do you think they LIKE being objectified instead of being appreciated for their acting ability? Do you think they like knowing they’ve become “wank” material for horny fanboys on the internet? Boy, you people are such gentlemen.

And this isn’t just a problem in PR fandom, it’s pretty much a problem with ALL female actresses in entertainment. Hell, one would go as far as saying ALL attractive people in the industry, regardless of gender. Once they’ve got a lock on, there’s no disguise; because nothing can escape a horny fan’s private eyes. They’ll be watching that person’s every move from here on out. It’s not about how well they can act, oh no, it’s about how “hot” they are. Thank you horny fan boys, thank you for letting the world know that.  There are gonna be the people that will deny that they’re just horny fucks.

No. You are creepy. Especially when all you care about is how “hot” she is. Once again maybe look at her as what she actually is, an actress. She’s not your “wank” material. She’s not someone for you to lust after. She’s a person. A human being. She’s not on the show for you to creep all over.

For the white-knighters out there who say something along the lines of “I’M NOT LIKE THAT,” we’ll take your word for it. But take into consideration the vibe you’re giving to these people. What YOU look like to these people.

An ideal way to put this in perspective is by putting yourself in their shoes for a quick moment. Imagine if YOU were involved in Power Rangers, the excitement rushing through your veins; so much so that you want to share your excitement with your potential fans. So you do that and post a video, filling them in. Then imagine you waking up the next morning seeing comments from random strangers that go along the lines of “ur hawt” or “fapfapfapfap.” Now before you go “SHIT YEAH, I WANT THAT ATTENTION! I’D BE LIKE A GOD!,” think about it like this.

Imagine that from day one, all you wanted was to be recognized. All your life, you’ve been modeling. And then this dumb show comes along. BAM. There’s your chance to be recognized and looked up to by tons of people. So you step up your game, train, practice your lines, and audition. You nail it and get the job. Fucking awesome. So you relocate, train, work out, and shoot the damn thing, since the show is a demanding production. You’ve dedicated a great portion of your life to this project and you’re excited that you’re going to be recognized. And then you wake up one morning and see all those comments. All that hard work and dedication you put into the show…for “fapfapfapfap.”

Not, “wow, you’re talented!”
Not, “you could do a bit better, but I liked this!”
Not, “you can see that sheer dedication and effort!”
Just…”gimme your number” “IMMA DREAM ‘BOUT YOU” and “ERMAHGERD, YERRR SO HOTTTT.”

Does that irk you in anyway? Would YOU feel degraded? No?

Yeah. Doubt Alex Heartman would think so…

This is Alex's supposed reaction...

...and this is reality's.

(Also, if you’re thinking of pulling the “Who gives a fuck if I’m degraded? I’m making money!” argument, not only did you miss the point of the exercise, you just proved that you have no sense of self-respect. That makes you worthless scum an idiot.)

Now you white-knighters might be going: “”Wow, I’m so unimpressed. Is complimenting a girl on her looks objectification?” or “Well, people are going to make these comments anyway, so why don’t I join in?” or “They’re never gonna see it, so who cares?”

Decency may be dying, but in the name of Edenoi, you could sure as hell try and preserve it. Be better than that. Be an example. You don’t have to be perfect, none of us are, but you can try your best to not contribute to the creepiness. Once again, there is nothing wrong with saying someone is attractive, nothing at all. Expressing your FEELS for someone and all that. But keep it in check.

This is what you look like. Stop it.

If you re-read your comment in a Christian Bale Batman voice does it still sound as romantic as you think it does? Doesn’t it sound just a BIT creepier? Because I guarantee you that that’s what it sounds like if the actor or actress actually reads your comment. And it’s certainly what it sounds like when other people read your comment.

Let’s try and put things into perspective again by using something unrelated to Power Rangers. See, most girls love Bruno Mars’ songs. They spout of things most girls usually want to hear.

“I’d catch a grenade for ya!”
“You make me feel like I’ve been locked out of Heaven for TOO long!”

That shit works for those people because Bruno Mars is singing it. If anybody they’re not interested in spouts that exact same shit, it’s bound to look creepy.  Especially from a random stranger.  Toku Nation, you are not Bruno Mars.

And for the record, if you’re running a website, forum, or group of some sort, remind people how creepy they sound. We’re not saying to be an asshole and call everyone who makes creeper comments a loser. I’m just saying to not ENCOURAGE the behavior. If you’ve got any sort of influence over a group of people on the Internet, use it for decency. Not for idiocy. Draw attention to other works these actors or actresses have done. Talk about something BESIDES how they look. It’s not hard. It really isn’t.

Oh, but there are people out there that will pull the “Women objectify dudes too! AND US DUDES AIN’T COMPLAININ’.”  As you saw above, women can be just as creepy as dudes.  EVERYONE can take away a lesson from this.  And even if a lady is being creepy, it doesn’t give YOU an excuse to be creepy right back.

But before you go, “FUCK YOU, YOU PATHETIC SELF-RIGHTEOUS PRICKS! I just can’t help it!,” it is YOU who will be sorry and pathetic in the long run….

Stop and think about that statement. Really think about it. What does that sound like hmmm? Oh, perhaps it sounds like a friend of mine who had a guy tell her, “I’m sorry, we can’t hang out anymore. But if we do, I JUST CAN’T HELP but to want to have sex with you.” Control your urge to fuck. To put it a different way, control your fucking urges.

Some of you mean well, and some of you don’t. But the vibe you’re going to give to these people…

Just stop.


  1. Posted by Xenotome on January 7th, 2013, 04:31 [Reply]

    Okay, you act as though Toku is the only fandom with creepers. What exactly is your goal here? To just make further cracks about creepers like you’re so clever when you play out the exact same things that people have heard for ages. Nothing about this is original, you find a woman attractive and are on a board yeah you’re going to oogle at them. It’s kind of expected. As for the little Tumblr, I’d agree with you if most of those pictures were not of women looking trampy, but they are. You get what you give out.

    • Posted by Shamus on January 7th, 2013, 05:12 [Reply]

      Thanks for the SUPER comment. POWER ON!

    • Posted by Dante on January 7th, 2013, 10:25 [Reply]

      I think you missed the part where we said that this was an issue that isn’t exclusive to this fandom.

      As for why we singled out a particular portion of THIS specific fandom? It’s because of the behavior they’ve been demonstrating. I would argue that just because something like this has been done for ages doesn’t mean it’s right. Forgive us for trying to encourage decency, but we just call ‘em like we see ‘em pal.

      Spare us the “silly cowboys, this is the internet” lecture. We’re just voicing a legitimate argument addressing a legitimate problem.

      We hope to help instill some sense of respect within people to try and reduce that problem. That’s the goal.

      Thanks for the AWESOME comment. GO GO, Xenotome!

    • Posted by momotroniuity on January 7th, 2013, 23:08 [Reply]

      As the article pointed out, There is a difference between “He/she’s hot/pretty/cute” and “I WNT HER NAO” which comes out as “I want to kidnap and do *sex acts to him/her”

  2. Posted by RatherOddRanger on January 7th, 2013, 11:36 [Reply]

    I was just about to type that Shamus had said more then once in his article that is a problem in other fandoms aswell.
    I am curious did you guys catch that video of the guy at PMC3 screaming ‘look at me Pink! Hey Pinkie look here!’ when the Megaforce cast were revealed.
    No wonder that poor actress looked terrified.

  3. Posted by Primafaba on January 7th, 2013, 13:37 [Reply]

    Thank you for posting this. You make some excellent points, and it needed to be said. Just because we are not the only fandom where this happens does not mean it is acceptable.

    When No Pink Spandex interviewed AJJ, I got the distinct impression that this type of behavior was part of what led her to distance herself from Power Rangers. It would be a shame if we drove off other talented actresses in the same way.

  4. Posted by Tommy brevard on January 12th, 2013, 21:35 [Reply]

    I agree mostly with the article. But there are creepers in every fandom. The thing that seperate us from them is common sense.


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